Fellowships for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

There are a variety of opportunities that can support undergraduate students in our school. For example, The School of Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences has a strong history of supporting our undergraduate students from scholarships established by donors like you. We would love to strengthen this scholarship pool to provide even more support of our undergraduate students. In addition, there are opportunities to setup research scholarships that would provide a salary for students to work in a research laboratory.

In regards to the Saluki Research Laboratory, there is significant need for support of graduate students. Graduate students can be supported as Research Assistants to facilitate the completion of their dissertations. While federal grant support and teaching assistant assignments help cover some of these positions, there is significant needs during the summer months (non-academic calendar) to support graduate student salary.

What is Needed

Endowed graduate fellowship start at $50k and endowed scholarships start at $25k. Endowments of ~$200k could support one graduate student per summer (forever). Endowments of ~$850k would support one graduate student per year (forever). Please see the SIU Foundation. Smaller donations towards this goal or our research are definitely welcome (See Research Infrastucture).

Donation Mechanism

Donations to the Saluki Materials Laboratory would be handled through the Southern Illinois University Foundation. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) designated organization with IRS permission to issue tax-deductible receipts.
Please contact Kyle Plunkett at kplunkett@siu.edu to start a conversation about possible gifts to the Saluki Materials Laboratory or the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences.