Why Your Donations Matter

I encourage you to read some of the articles provided below. They highlight the impact of donating to smaller universities and how they may find more benefit than donations to state flagship universities and Ivy/Private universities with large endowments.

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"For donors with a genuine interest in supporting higher education, there are better options." Andrew Babbitt, The Chronicles of Philanthropy

"I’m increasingly concerned that this practice is making the richest public universities richer. The rest face fewer choices as many of these schools are being forced to stretch their budgets thin and cut academic programs and, in extreme cases, scholarships." Kevin McClure, Michigan Advance

"Giving by wealthy families to wealthy universities only deepens and exacerbates inequality in America." Sylvia Brown and Ayele Shakur, WBUR.org

Laboratory Vision

Donations of all sizes are welcome. Maintaining a research laboratory is expensive, with our current expenditures reaching $150-200k per year that is spread mostly between salaries and consumables.

Some gifts (<$5k) will be aggregated and used in the general research fund of the lab. Larger gifts can be applied to new initiatives such as fellowship support for graduate and undergradaute students. The biggest impact could come from a >$4 million endowment that would eternally support postdocs scientists as they transition to faculty positions in science. A list of endowment sizes and classifications can be found at the SIU Foundation website.

Please click on one of the links below to learn about each of the opportunities for supporting the Saluki Materials Lab.

Endow a Future Faculty - Postdoc

Endow a Faculty Chair

Support Graduate and Undergraduate Fellowships

Research Infrastructure

Keeping You in the Loop


All supporters of the Saluki Materials Lab will recieve a yearly newsletter that will highlight the accomplishments from the lab and the School or Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences at SIUC.


Donors that establish endowments or support specific scientific roles (e.g., faculty, postdoc or graduate students) will be acknowledged in publications from their supported work.

Donation Mechanism

Donations to the Saluki Materials Laboratory would be handled through the Southern Illinois University Foundation. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) designated organization with IRS permission to issue tax-deductible receipts.
Please contact Kyle Plunkett at kplunkett@siu.edu to start a conversation about possible gifts to the Saluki Materials Laboratory or the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences.